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Eq-bank-canada, equitable bank is a member of cdic. eq bank is a trademark of equitable bank.. Equitable bank is a canadian bank which primarily provides residential and commercial real estate lending services, as well as personal banking through its direct banking brand eq bank.the bank was founded in 1970 as the equitable trust company and became a schedule i bank offering savings products in 2013. it is now canada’s ninth largest independent bank, with more than $25 billion in ..., eq bank is a canadian online bank that offers a high-interest savings account and one of the best savings interest rates available today. it’s no secret that interest on savings accounts has been depressed since the last financial crises..

Eq bank is one of the best high-interest savings accounts you can find online in canada, with free unlimited interac etransfers and high everyday rates on savings and gics. open an eq bank account 24 comments emily on july 18, 2018 at 8:59 am, eq bank canada has been making headlines for its high interest rates. we investigate all that eqbank has to offer in this balanced, in-depth review that helps you to make up your mind about the eq bank savings plus account..

Eq bank is a trademark of equitable bank and they are a federally regulated schedule i bank with over $33 billion in assets under management. equitable bank is a canadian company that is based out of toronto, ontario and has been around for over 45 years., eq bank canada (we’ll just call them eq bank) is owned by equitable bank, the 9th largest independent schedule 1 bank. all that means is that equatable bank can offer all of the same products and services as your big 5 banks (who are also schedule 1 banks).. Who is eq bank? eq bank is one of the newer players on the canadian banking scene (they opened in january 2016), but their parent company, equitable bank, is the ninth-largest domestic bank in ...